Monday, April 29, 2013

Earth Day 2013

My sweet little Tiny Human is getting so big and inquisitive of the big world around him. And although he is to small to understand the concept of Earth Day I still wanted to introduce him to the holiday. I hope this project continues to be a learning experience for the rest of the summer. In the spirit of Earth Day we planted carrot seeds in a self watering planter made from a repurposed 2 liter pop bottle.

To make the planter is really simple. First thoroughly was the 2 liter bottle with soap and warm water. Next using a blade or scissors cut the bottle in half. I'm sure you could use a smaller bottle if you don't have a 2 liter on hand.

In a larger container mix potting soil and water. After your potting soil is moist it is ready to be put in the planter. I recommend leaving the cap on the top half of the bottle when you fill it with soil. Be prepared for the mess that accompanies this step. Let's just say a bath was needed when we were  done.

The next step is to poke holes in the soil to the depth specified by the packet of seeds you plan on using. I choose to do carrots because we will be able to see the roots aka the carrot and the greens on top grow. I let Tiny Human put the seeds in the holes I made. He put the seeds in the holes then tried to dig in the soil. So hopefully a couple of them remained at the required depth to grow.

After you have your seeds planted loosely cover the top of your plantar with a plastic grocery bag or a piece of plastic wrap. The point is to make a warm green house environment for optimal seed growth. A week or so after planting your seed should start to sprout and the enjoyment will continue to grow as your plants do. I hope that you and your little one enjoy this project and celebrate taking care of our Earth.


  1. Ah how cool is that Tiff... It will be wonderful for him to follow the process. Love the photos.

  2. His carrots are doing well. I just had to thin them out a bit.And he loves to water and check out the progress. Thanks for checking out this post.