Friday, September 6, 2013

Adventure in Pre-school at home

My little Tater Tot has a huge thirst for knowledge. He already knows his ABC's, can count to 15 and knows a variety of shapes including semi circle, octagon as well as the basics and he knows several colors. To me that is an impressive list considering he is 2 years old. I want to continue to foster his love of learning and help him anyway I can.

During June and July I came up with themes and corresponding activities to inspire learning in our home. The themes we did were: Bugs, Monsters, Dinosaurs and Pirates. I took a lot of pictures and will eventually get around to doing a post about each of them. Each theme lasted a couple of weeks. We would spend about an hour or less a couple days a week doing our theme activities.  I started out by doing a movement exercise or song. It was a lot of fun to turn on music and watch him dance around like different bugs and dinosaurs. Next we would do the craft project or learning activity and finish of our learning time by playing outside. And somewhere throughout the day we would read some of our library books.

The month of August was crazy and for what ever reason we really didn't do any structured learning with themes. We continued our Library time and movement activities though. I really wanted to send Tater Tot to preschool this fall. But even part time 2 days a week was more than we can afford. After several hours looking on Pinterest, I felt confident that I could do preschool at home with him. You can find all of the ideas I've pinned here.

Here is the chart I made to write up our weekly lesson plans. After the 1st week I'm sure there will be changes that I will have to make but I felt like it was a good starting point. I will let Tater Tot lead the way and our "School Time" will last as long as he is interested. I'm really excited to start this adventure and I can't wait to share our journey with all of you.
For the first 2 weeks in September will be doing an apple theme, with focus on the letter A, number 1 and circles. Be sure to check back and see what we have been up to :)