Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Crochet Fingerless gloves

After making a few dish cloths,a scarf and a coffee sleeve I began to feel pretty comfortable crocheting. Or at least adventurous to try something new, a friend mentioned wanting a pair of fingerless gloves so I began searching the Internet to find an easy pattern. If you ever need a pattern for anything I recommend using Crochet Pattern Central.

I first used this patten. It was easy to follow and well written for a beginner like me. You can't really tell but there is a small cuff at the top of the glove.
Yes one came out slightly larger than the other but I'm still proud.

The next set I made I sort of made up my own pattern. I got the idea for the buttoned cuff from the coffee sleeve I had previously made. Then I basically followed the first pattern.

It was tricky to do this set because for the second glove I had to do the patter backwards due to the button cuff. This set is my favorite. I'm kinda sad to be giving them away but I know my friend will enjoy them. Thanks for checking out my latest adventures.

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