Monday, November 5, 2012

Learning to crochet

Happy Monday!
I'm taking a break from paper crafting for awhile. It seems I've lost my mojo, so while I'm waiting for it to return I decided to learn a new craft. Thanks to pinterest and crafty groups I belong to I got inspired to start crocheting.

At first I tried using a couple books my Mom gave me. I learned how to do the basic chain and that's about it. The pictures and the descriptions had me confused. I googled " how to crochet" videos and came across this great site. She has a Crochet School which is a series of posts that have step by step videos that walk you through each step and basic stitch of crochet.

After watching the videos I got brave enough to try a project of my own. I had some great cotton yarn from Peaches and Cream left over from a past knitting project so I decided to try my hand at a wash cloth. I guess the books came in handy after all because that's where I found the pattern.

I struggled quite a bit with tension so my rag ended up a little lop sided. I did 2 rows of a single crochet around the edge to make a boarder. I'm pretty happy with my first attempt.
Currently I'm working on a cowl scarf so far so good I will post about it once I get it finished. Have a great week!

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