Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Stamped Tea Towel

Happy Tutorial Tuesday!

Today I'm going to show you how to make cute stamped tea towels. They are a great handmade gift and the possibilites are endless.I made 9 of them in a little over an hour. I would recommend having 1 extra towel to try out your stamp. That way you will know how much paint and pressure to apply to get your desired image.
 Here are the supplies you will need:
  • Tea Towel ( $1 at Dollar Tree or Walmart)
  • Fabric Paint ( I got mine at Hobby Lobby $3.49, I had a 40% off coupon so they were even cheaper)
  • Foam Brush ($1 at Walmart)
  • Rubber Stamps ($1 each from JoAnn's)
  • Something to put the paint in ( I used a lid from a cottage cheese container)
First step if your towels are full of wrinkles like mine were give them a quick once over with a hot iron. Wrinkles will distort the image from your stamp.

Next decide on a pattern and where on the towl you are going to stamp. You can create a design to cover the whole towel or do just the edges to make a boarder. I did along the top and bottom edge to create a boarder when the towel is hanging.

Now you are ready to create! I squeezed out a big glob of paint on to the lid and dabbed my brush into it a couple of times. Remember its best to start with less paint. Gently apply the paint to your stamp using the foam brush. Then with even pressure stamp the towel. I practiced a few times to get the right amount of paint and pressure.

I did the red snowflakes first. One in each corner and then one in the center.Followed by another red snowflake in the between. Then a blue in between each red. This helped with making the spacing consistent.

This one was made using the clear stamps on an acrylic block. I didn't like how it turned out.
 Here are my finished product. They turned out great and were realtively inexpensive to make. Hope you enjoyed this tutorial. If you use it come back and leave a link to your project, I would love to see what you made.

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