Friday, February 1, 2013

Toilet Paper roll stamps

Happy Friday All! The cold weather here is going to be the end of my sanity, Tiny Human has been a little wild since we haven't been able to play outside. Lucky for me he does enjoy art projects, so we made finger paints. If you need a recipe check out this previous post. This time around we used flour instead of corn starch. I like how it gave the paint more of a pastel type color.

I shaped the roll to look like a heart, by making a crease on one side. The rolls quickly got mushy, but that may have been because Tiny Human loves to coat everything in paint.

Here is the final project. Notice the huge glob of paint in the middle.
We also did one using the tubes to make circles. The circles seemed to hold up better than the hearts. I helped a little with this painting, it just looked like to much fun and I couldn't help myself. Tiny Human loves to do things with his mommy so it was ok.

He preferred the paint brush to using his fingers.

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