Thursday, August 9, 2012

Toddler finger painting projects

The best part of having a child is getting to act like one myself. After making finger paints last week I couldn't wait for Lil T and I to get messy and make something fun. I'm pretty sure I had more fun than he did but I'm sure that will change soon. We ended up making a wall art piece for his room and a mess free painting option too.

To make the wall art you will need the following supplies:
- Toddler friendly finger paints
- A blank canvas ( I got a 3 pack of 9"-12" from a local craft store)
- Masking tape or painters tape

Tear of small pieces of the tape to mark the word or message on the canvas. As you can see my letters vary in size since I was free handing the design. If you are a perfectionist I would recommend tracing letters with a pencil first then taping over them.

Add a few blobs of paint to the canvas and let your little one have fun. Of course Lil T scooped up some yellow and tried to eat it. He was not impressed with the taste.
It took a little coaxing but he finally got into it.  For best results make sure the whole canvas is covered. This is how ours looked. We set it out on the deck to dry.
Once your project is dry you can remove the tape and enjoy your wonderful new piece of art! The sun sped up the drying process but also caused the paint to crack. I think it adds texture and dimension.

For a mess free finger painting experience I put some paint in a zip lock bag and taped it to the table. I got the idea from The Hippie Housewife. This would be great for teaching shapes, letters and numbers in the future. Thanks for checking out our finger painting fun!

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  1. I think you will need to scrapbook this experience with Tyler! :)