Thursday, May 10, 2012

Dress for success

Ive been on a mission to start doing more of the craft projects I have pined on Pinterest. Today's project was creating a dress using a tank top and material for under $10. I got the tank for $3.88 at Walmart and the material cost $4.50. I had to buy to different kinds because the first one was to sheer.

 I used this tutorial in the end. I tried this one but couldn't get the elastic thread to make the ruffle. This is not a 30 min project the first time!! After a couple hours of frustration I went back to the first tutorial and finished my dress. I was going to post pics of each step but in the midst of the anger storm it didn't happen.

Here are the things I learned while attempting this dress project:
- strechy fabric is a pain to work with if you are a novice sewer
- the first tutorial is the easiest to follow
- mid length dress is easier to do than the long maxi
- know how to work your sewing machine and make sure to have the manuel in english if thats your primary language ( for some reason all i could find was the spanish version.)
-Practice makes perfect and for how cheap it was to make, I will most definetly be giving this another try.

Thanks for checking out my latest adventure.

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  1. Ha! I love it!!! I'd have to hand sew'd probably come out crooked too...looks great!!